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Silver Bullet | Special Edition Series

The Silver Bullet Dynamic | Special Series (with volume control) is a very special and top-of the range series of harmonica microphones available in low-Z (400Ω), medium-Z (4KΩ ) and high-Z (40KΩ ) models. The microphone is special in its unique looks, feel, features and especially sound which provides the same exception performance of the […]

Green Bullet vs Silver Bullet Comparison

Silverfish-Harmonicas’ “Silver Bullet” is arguable as good or better than the classic Green Bullet for amplified blues harp! Every harp player knows about the Green Bullet and many use this mic as their mainstay for amplified harmonica playing. Silverfish Harmonicas’ “Silver Bullet” is arguably as good or even better than this classic Blues Mic! Certainly, […]

Silverfish harmonicas and the Oklahoma Tulsa Harmonica Summit 2018

It’s a privilege to once again help support this years Tulsa Harmonica Summit by providing a couple of the stunning new high impedance harp mics’ (dynamic 4kΩ an 40KΩ) for the “have a go session” and as a raffle prize – along with a lovely holster style pouch to keep them looking shiny. The summit […]

Jamming with a Silver Bullet Ceramic | High-Z (wood/gain) – Georgia US

Jamming with a Silver Bullet Ceramic | High-Z (wood/gain) – Georgia US Richmond Chadwick, Smyrna in Georgia US enjoying his new Silver Bullet Ceramic – High-Z Jamming with his mates using a 10W Vox tube amp – and lots of soul! Richmond Chadwick_US

Silver Bullet Medium-Z Dynamic | Ivory

The Silver Bullet |Dynamic Medium-Z Ivory mic is my pick of the month. This is a very attractive piece of kit and a new member of the Silver Bullet harmonica microphone range. The medium impedance dynamic this is available in both “midi” (no vol. control). and “standard” (with vol. control) models. Both are a powerful […]

Video review of the Silver Bullet Medium-Z Dynamic harmonica mic

Jakub Svoboda from the Czech blues band “The Weathermakers” reviews the medium-Z dynamic silver bullet harmonica mic. Jakub uses Silverfish dynamic (Low and Medium-Z) and ceramic microphones as part of his rig and recons the silver bullets have taken his playing to “another level”! Check out his sound sample and video review of the new […]

New powerful medium-Z silver bullet

Silver Bullet Dynamic – medium impedance harmonica microphones The Silver Bullet Dynamic | Medium-Z is a powerful new harmonica microphone with a strong rich and full sound. Adapted from an acoustic dynamic element this is a flexible microphone with a really “hot” signal that is fat – packed with full harmonic content and great bass. […]

Jakub Svoboda reviews the Silver Bullet Harmonica Microphone

Czech blues band “The Weathermakers” record their new EP with a Silverfish Harmonica Mic Jakub Svoboda, harmonica player in the Czech blues garage band “The Weathermakers” uses both Silverfish Dynamic and Cermaic microphones and recons the silver bullets have taken his playing to “another level”! Check out Jakub’s video review and sound sample of the […]

Gear Review – Silver Bullet Dynamic and Ceramic Mic’s

Check out the gear review and sound samples of the dynamic and ceramic mic’s by Tomlin of Tomlin Harmonicas [] Gear Review – Silver Bullet Mic’s (Dynamic and Ceramic) Or Review of Silver Bullet Microphones and sound samples

Robert Vincent is using a silverfish harmonica microphone

Silverfish Harmonicas are thrilled that Robert Vincent is now using a silverfish harmonica as part of his rig. Robert Vincent “is the searingly honest Liverpool singer-songwriter whose mix of folk, rock and country is like a Mersey Van Morrison or a Scouse Springsteen”. 2016 has been a fantastic year for Robert Vincent, who won the […]

Handmade in the UK – used by harp players across the globe!

The handmade artisan quality, great amplified sound and value for money of the Silverfish harmonica microphones are catching the attention of some of the harmonic players in countries around the world. I am proud to have supplied mic’s from the Silverfish range to satisfied customers across the globe with regular custom from Europe and the […]

Feedback received from satisfied customers

Here is some of the recent feedback from satisfied customers (happily all so far!) who have bought and use a Silverfish Harmonica Mic for their amplified harmonica playing: Paul Barley, Grimsby, UK (Silver Bullet Dynamic | Medium-Z Mic – black cat with gain) Great value and super fast service, product as described A+++++ Grenville Fletcher, […]

Silverfish Dynamic Bullet

Silverfish Dynamic Bullet The Silverfish Dynamic Bullet  is a real beauty and one of the smallest performance harmonica microphones you can get. Similar to the Silverfish harmonica range in all its performance but with no volume control this enable miniaturisation and lower cost. The mic is perfect for entry level to amplified harmonica playing or if you fancy […]

Silverfish Moothie Harmonica Microphone

A lovely looking new model is now available with either a ceramic or dynamic element. The Silverfish Ceramic Harmonica Mic – moothie wood is named after the moothie or Scottish harmonica.  The mic offers precisely the same performance as the other ceramic and harmonica microphones with a lovely new classic and simple style in beautiful hard wood. Check it […]

The quality of the build is seen in the attention to detail!

  Silverfish harmonica microphones – quality build Silverfish harmonica microphones are precisely built with attention to detail throughout. The precision build seen on the outside is a reflected of the care of construction inside to provide the confidence and reliability you demand from a good harmonica mic. Careful impedance matching of the potentiometer, quality components and expert wiring […]

Gamble with this superb special edition of the Silverfish harmonica mic family

Silverfish Dynamic Harmonica Mic – Las Vegas   The Silverfish Dynamic Harmonica Mic – Las Vegas is the latest of a range of specialty precision built custom microphones for blues and chromatic harp players. Made with a real poker chip this mic is both unique and great looking.     Silverfish Dynamic Harmonica Mic – Casino This new silverfish […]

A new dynamic mic on the scene!

Silverfish Dynamic Harp Mic The Silverfish Dynamic Harp Mic is a relatively new addition to the range of specialty precision built custom microphones for blues and chromatic harp players. It has at its heart a bulletproof dynamic element that provides a rich sound texture and harmonic content with headroom to enable you to drive the mic’ and produce a […]

Tomlin Leckie plays a Silverfish Mic – sound sample

Check out a sound sample and review of the Silverfish by harmonica player and teacher Tomlin Leckie (of Strollers Music School) – he also plays some cool blues harmonica riffs on a silverfish harp microphone. Click here for Silverfish Harp Mic_Sound Sample by Tomlin or here: Silverfish Review_2   Click here to read the blog review by Tomlin. […]