Midi silver bullet harmonica microphone

Midi Silver Bullet

The Midi Silver Bullet Dynamic is one of the smallest and lightest harmonica microphones for blues and chromatic harp players. This is a midi-sized bullet for players who prefer a bit more to grasp [compared with a Mini Silver Bullet] while performing. The mic is perfect for entry level amplified harmonica playing or advanced playing – if you fancy a really small bullet mic that delivers performance, but don’t mind boosting your output or controlling feedback through your amplifier or technique.

The microphone’s size and shape provides a durable design which is as long as your thumb and therefore fits neatly in your hand and pocket. It is a perfect size for getting a really good seal for amplified harmonica playing which is much easier than with a larger bullet mic. Another nice detail is the rubber around the head of the mic’ which serves two purposes: firstly it means that the harmonica isn’t going slip out of your hands when they get sweaty (a real issue!); secondly it helps achieve a consistent airtight seal around the harmonica and microphone to get the biggest “tone” you possibly can.


  • Full bodied tone with harmonic overtones
  • Great feedback rejection
  • Lightweight/small bullet
  • Robust construction for rigor of touring
  • Steel mesh grille with hardwood fascia
  • Two-stage mesh & foam to reduce breath noise
  • Shock-mount design reduces handling noise
  • Rubber sleeve to improve hand-seal
  • Quality electronic components and connector
  • Holster-style case
  • This silverfish harp mic’ is truly an awesome microphone with technology and craftsmanship that delivers a really compact design and is very technique sensitive.

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