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Silver Bullet Special | Switch Dirty/Clean
Silver Bullet Special | Switch Dirty/Clean

Benjie Baehr – Answer to query (as email provided does not work!):

Question: Which of your mics would you recomend for use with a Roland microcube?

How much would you charge for shipping to Europe?

Answer: Hello Benjie

Thanks for your email and interest in Silver Bullet harmonica mics.

As a small battery powered amp you will be looking for as “hot” signal and a very responsive microphone. The mic best suited is the 50K ohm which will give you a very strong sound with this amp and is a terrific harp mic. A standard bullet or – if you fancy a treat – the Special Edition. Both are very nice professional Harmonica microphone’s.

A standard (subsidised) flat rate is charged at point of sale (£6.95 or about €7.75) which provides tracked/signed and insured postage.

Currently all Silver Bullets include a free heavy duty leather case (that normally cost about €18).

Normally European postage is about 7-10 days but has occasionally been much quicker (3 days)

This would be my recommendation:

Read on www.silverfish-harmonicas.com/product/silver-bullet-dynamic-special-40k/

Best regards
Silverfish Harmonicas