Silver Bullet | Special Edition Series

The Silver Bullet Dynamic | Special Series (with volume control) is a very special and top-of the range series of harmonica microphones available in low-Z (400Ω), medium-Z (4KΩ ) and high-Z (40KΩ ) models. The microphone is special in its unique looks, feel, features and especially sound which provides the same exception performance of the wider Silver Bullet range of mic’s – all providing lovely rich tone with full harmonic content and great bass. The heavy duty metal design, finished with a lovely bamboo fascia is a very nice look with a solid and robust industrial feel (there is a touch of steam-punk in its design!).

Feedback and excellent sound sample from Goran Begonja Manchester UK harp player – Silver Bullet | 4K Special (bronze):

“I am very happy with the microphone, it is nice, well made and it sounds nice. I like nice and clear sound when uncupped, which suits well type of music my current band is playing, but also, when cupped, it can give nice bluesy sound (as example attached, Honkin’ Tom’s Vintage 15g amp, a bit of delay on the pedal, and the golden melody in Bb). The microphone truly is a piece of artwork….”

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