Dynamic medium-Z microphones

Silver Bullet Dynamic – medium impedance harmonica microphones

A powerful microphone with a clean, strong, rich and full sound across the dynamic range but with headroom for crunch-distortion effects. Headroom slightly higher, and sensitivity slightly lower than high-z microphones

The Silver Bullet | Dynamic Medium-Z 4KΩ

For a clean sounding harmonica mic (and light distorted-blues at high gain) – choose the 4KΩ dynamic microphone

This microphone produces a lovely rich tone with full harmonic content and great bass. This element has the widest frequency response and dynamic range of the Silver Bullets with a slightly lower sensitivity and as a result a higher headroom to distortion. This produces clear and rich low, mid and high sound without excessive treble. Alternatively, if you like crunch distortion – turn up the gain to drive the mic’ and achieve a crunchier sound when used in conjunction with reverb – producing a classic “blues” harmonica sound. This microphone’s “natural” tone is considerably cleaner than the 40KΩ dynamic mic’, however it can be easily pushed into dirty ranges by cranking gain on both amplifier and microphone. The 4KΩ dynamic mic’ is therefore a great choice for flexibility of sound – as it performs exceptionally well with both acoustic/folk and dirty blues amplified sound. Dynamic microphones have proven reliability and are ideal for practice or gigging – blues, country or chromatic harmonica performance. This mic needs to be matched to a high (=/>40KΩ or =/>0.04MΩ) impedance sockets on your amplifier.

This medium impedance silver bullets is an awesome little microphone with technology and craftsmanship that delivers a compact design with many of the features a harmonica player wants and needs and is very technique sensitive.

Check out Ben Hewlett’s video review comparing the 4KΩ (clean) and 40KΩ (dirty) Silver Bullets – which includes some cool playing showcasing the lovely tone of both these microphones when played by an expert!.


  • Volume/gain control
  • Full bodied tone with harmonic overtones and high fidelity
  • Great feedback rejection
  • Lightweight/small bullet
  • Robust construction for rigor of touring
  • Choice of gain or no gain control (on ceramic)
  • Steel mesh grille with choice of fascia
  • Two-stage mesh & foam to reduce breath noise
  • Shock-mount design reduces handling noise
  • Rubber sleeve to improve hand-seal
  • Quality electronic components and connector
  • Holster-style case
  • One year guarantee


  • Type: durable ceramic or dynamic
  • Functionality: performance harmonica
  • Impedance: Medium 4KΩ, unbalanced
  • Sensitivity: -65dB
  • Polar patter: dynamic omni-directional
  • Connector: 1/4″ (6.3mm) jack
  • 1/4″ (6.3mm) jack-plug socket
  • Case: anodised alloy
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