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Reviews and video sound samples

US harmonica player Tim Douthit reviews the high impedance Silver Bullet harp mic and compares it with his vintage Green Bullet – playing some great riffs on a range of amplifier rigs.

See the review at:

Silver Bullet Dynamic | Standard Harp Mic 50KΩ Dirty/Lo-Fi
Silver Bullet Dynamic | Standard Harp Mic 50KΩ Dirty/Lo-Fi

Review of the Special Edition 50K ohm (Dirty) by Liam Ward.
Liam Ward is an award-winning harmonica player and teacher – well known for his harmonica lessons, blues band, song studies and inspiring videos – supporting absolute beginners, intermediates and advanced players alike.

Liam takes a look at Silverfish Harmonica’s Silver Bullet Special
50Kohm (Dirty) – listen to his review and some cool playing on this terrific harmonica mic by Silverfish Harmonicas!

Silver Bullet | Special Edition
Silver Bullet | Special Edition

CLICK HERE – for the video review and demo.
Liam Ward Silver Bullet Demo

Liam Ward Harmonica Rig
Liam Ward Silver Bullet Demo

Review of the Switchable Special Edition (Dirty/Clean) Harp Mic by Liam Ward.
Liam Ward demos the Silver Bullet switchable harp mic – click here for demo video (thanks Liam this is a great review but just to highlight he doesn’t quite have his rig set up to really show off the contrasting sound of these two elements!): click here for video review

Liam Ward demo of switchable harp mic
Liam Ward demo of switchable harp mic

Review by Ben Hewlett, United Kingdom. Bens name and terrific harmonica playing will likely be familiar to many of you! Ben compares the Silver Bullets which he likes very much and recommends.

Ben Hewlett - Silver Bullet Harmonica Microphone
Ben Hewlett – Silver Bullet Harmonica Microphone

Check out his video review comparing the Clean (4KΩ) and Dirty (50KΩ) Silver Bullets – with some cool riffs – showcasing the lovely tone of the microphones when played by an expert!.

Check out a comparison of some of these handmade harmonica microphones by Tomlin Leckie in his independent review: gear review.

Check out Jakub Svoboda’s review of Silverfish Ceramic Bullet, Jakub is the harmonica player in the Czech blues garage band “The Weathermakers” and recons the silver bullet harmonica mic has taken his playing to “another level”.

Check out this great independent review by Tomlin Leckie of the Silverfish Bullet Ceramic Microphone alongside his other top favourite harp mics.

Check out Tomlin’s gear review and sound sample of the Silverfish Ceramic – Harmonica Bullet Microphone.

Check out a sound sample and video review of the Clean dynamic harmonica microphone at: Review

Check out Tim’s Douthit’s (harmonica player from MI, US) independent review and sound sample of the Dirty Dynamic Silver Bullet comparing it to the classic Green Bullet – CLICK HERE – for the video review and of the Dirty 50K-Z Dynamic Silver Bullet.

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Feedback from harmonica players who use a Silver Bullet microphone

Peter Hollan and Tim Douthit busking with a Silverfish High-Z Harp Mic

Tim playing a Silver Bullet High-Z Harp Mic
Tim playing a Silver Bullet High-Z Harp Mic

Richie Binns, West Yorkshire, UK
Silver Bullet Dynamic | Special Mini 50KΩ Dirty/Lo-Fi

Hi Rick
Gave mic a bit of test run Yesterday, Played it with a mini amp at start and after talk did a better test with a slightly bigger amp but still small and solid state.. I’m simply working with what I’ve got. It’s hard with my camera sound to give a true picture but that’s how I see it.There are lots you can do with it but may be others have shown that with high end gear. I didn’t want to get into a coaching situation..
let me know if you like the video

Click on link for a review and test drive of Richie’s Silver Bullet Harp Mic:
Silverfish ‘Silver Bullet’ harmonica Microphone Test Drive

Hi Rick
Managed to take the mic for 30 run yesterday out and 30 min inside test run. Holy shit man, excellent in fact I was struggling to handle it, I wasn’t fully prepared.,.Yes this mic has got attitude tons of it , benefits from the French Napoleonic cavalry temperament; impetuous. Paint straight onto the canvass full on. I like that. OK Iv’e work to do on it to get it where I want it but a lot of scope. After the second session I was starting to hear me in it. There is width in the signal and I can here that in a mini amp and larger solid state never mind a valve amp.

Harp Attack – Richie playing the blues with his Silver Bullet harp mic!

Click on link:
Harp Attack – Richie Binns

Update on your excellent Mic: … Your mic was the business … I reckon I could cut it with anyone on stage. yeah I know it ain’t like the old 520 bullets or Astatic but it’s got it’s own thing going on which is as good if not better. It’s midrange sweet spot excellent. I am referring to single note attacks. The block chord sounds I’m adjusting to suit working on the harmonics to get them where I want them to suit the mic. Anyway thought I’d share this. Best regards

Modern Blues Harmonica – great feedback within post from Tim Douthit and Bob Sanford
Tim Douthit:
Rick Park (Silverfish Microphones) makes a great set of microphones. I have several. His hi-Z model is my go-to gigging mic.

Bob Sanford

Luciano, I agree completely with your review! I recently purchased the same “Combo” ( dirty and clean) model you referred to and it is quickly becoming my go-to mic… I love the “on-the-fly” switchability that lets me change the entire character of the sound I’m producing with the push of a button… sometimes I’ll start playing with the 4 ohm element until my solo when I switch to the 50 ohm for little extra punch and grit! It’s a solid, well made, lighter that most, mic and I’m glad to have it in my stable along with my Strnad Tsunami, my Slim-X 777s and my Astatic W-30! Oh, and the steampunk design puts it in a class of its own!!

Keith Parker reviews Silverfish Harp Mics in the Harmonica World mag (Aug-Sept 2020):
” I was expecting a sound reminiscent of a Shure Green Bullet, but no, WOW! I was not expecting this – a glorious fat crunch with good bass and very very hot, I couldn’t put it down I had to keep playing and I even had to turn it down a bit and you don’t heat electric harp players say that very often. I know I shouldn’t compare mics and players from the past – but just think Paul Butterfield and the Pistol 545″

Keith Parker Review | Silverfish Harp Mics HUK Aug-Sept 2020
Keith Parker Review | Silverfish Harp Mics HUK Aug-Sept 2020
Keith Parker Review | Silverfish Harp Mics HUK Aug-Sept 2020
Keith Parker Review | Silverfish Harp Mics HUK Aug-Sept 2020

Some great feedback on Silver Bullet Harp Mics – from harp players in a HUK Blog Post, 2020

Feedback - Silver Bullet Post June 2020
Feedback – Silver Bullet Post June 2020

Dave Cress, OH United States (US)
(Silver Bullet Dynamic | High-Z 50KΩ Dirty/Lo-Fi – hardwood)


I plugged it in. Grabbed my harp. Awesome feeling in my hand. Prefect size. Fired up the amp. Cupped my hands over the mic and harp. Turned on a blues backing track…..
And magic happened.
Just what I wanted. Sound is prefect.

Now onto a little more practice for my gig in three weeks.

Thank you!!!!! I love the mic!


Dave Cress playing a Silver Bullet Mic - Dave Alsup Band
Dave Cress playing a Silver Bullet Mic – Dave Alsup Band

Dennis Jones, LA, United States (US)
(Silver Bullet Dynamic | Special III 50KΩ Copperhead Dirty/Lo-Fi)
Good Morning,
Just a quick note to let you know I received the microphone and it is truly a beautiful piece of equipment. The microphone responds well and the sound is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you again! Dennis

Silver Bullet | Special III Copperhead
Silver Bullet | Special III Copperhead

Elie Guillaume, France
(Silver Bullet Dynamic | Special – Dirty 50KΩ/Clean 4KΩ switchable)
Hi Rick,
I recived the bullet mic today… Test it with m’y Vox tube amplifier, and wwwwoooooo!!!!!

Really thanks you, your hands work is wonderfull, it’s light, butifull, and sound really fine! … Before i was afraid it could be too Big for my hands, but not at all….!

So I’m very happy with it and will use it with lot of Care to have it for long Time!

Thanks again Rick,
Guillaume ELIE / France

Steve Rooney, South Australia, Australia
(Silver Bullet Dynamic | Special I 50KΩ Dirty Lo-Fi)
Hi Rick,
My mic arrived on Monday, I had a quick blast Tuesday and got stuck into it after work tonight.
I love this mic, its louder than i expected, and has great tone. Its very light and good to hold. I played for 2 hours straight tonight, no hand cramps. It looks great too, very earthy. Also thanks for the leather case, it offers good protection and also looks great.
Thanks again Rick on a great product, i would recommend these mics to anyone. regards Steve

Harmonica Microphone - Silver Bullet Special I | Switch Dirty/Clean
Harmonica Microphone – Silver Bullet Special I | Switch Dirty/Clean

Michael Bousfield, New South Wales, Australia
(Silver Bullet Dynamic | 50KΩ High-Z Lo-Fi Dirty – wood)
Buenos dias Rick 🙂,
Trust this message finds you and yours both safe and fighting fit.
Received the Silver Bullet mic about 1 week or so back – bloody marvellous! At first glance, a quality looking build and fits my hand really well, which help with cupping. Also, got my Fender mic lead. So the last piece of the jigsaw is finding a home practice amp so I can really test the mic out…..
Take it easy y hasta luego, Mick

Nigel Cole, United Kingdom UK
(Silver Bullet Dynamic | Special – Dirty 50KΩ/Clean 4KΩ switchable)

Thanks for my mic – I really love it. It works really well with my line 6 G10 wireless system. Walk around playing the harp. Perfect.
Many thanks. Nigel

Silver Bullet | Nigel Cole Wireless Rig
Silver Bullet | Nigel Cole Wireless Rig

John Walker, Stirling, Scotland UK
(Silver Bullet Dynamic | High-Z 50KΩ Moothie Dirty/Lo-Fi)

Hi Rick
One word AWESOME !
It arrived on time as promised. I plugged it into my Fender champ 5 watt tube amp and miked it up through the PA. Great volume with no loss of tone. It was definitely the deep blues sound I was looking for ! Sorry won’t be recommending as I want to be the only one with this amazing sound !! So thanks Rick
Kind regards John (Hillaroos Rock Band)

Harmonica Microphones | Moothie - Wood
Harmonica Microphones | Moothie – Wood

Keld Marple, Frederiksberg, Denmark
(Silver Bullet Dynamic | Special – Dirty 50KΩ/Clean 4KΩ switchable)
Hi Rick

Just wanted to let you know that after having owned and played the silverfish microphone for some time now, and I am very pleased with it. I have used it through my PA and a little Pignose and recently through a Dynacord JAZZ and it always sound as great as I hoped. So I am very pleased with the purchase.

Regards Keld

Joe Markey, NY, USA
(Silver Bullet Dynamic | Special – Dirty 50KΩ/Clean 4KΩ switchable)

Rick, I received the mic and really like it. It is very light and easy to hold. I’ve been playing it directly into an 8 watt Z amp (tube with 15 inch speaker). The sound is great. The difference between the high and low impedance is really cool and very noticeable….

I played the new mic at a three hour jam session in NYC Saturday night and received a compliment on the sound quality from one of the guitarists. This guy builds amps so has an appreciation for sound and electronics. You’ve got a great product!

Thank you! Joe

Harmonica Microphone | Special Switchable

Richmond Chadwick, USA
(Silver Bullet Dynamic | Special – Dirty 50KΩ/Clean 4KΩ switchable)
“Hi Rick
Brother, I thought the last one [Silver Bullet Mic) was the best thing ever…. and you improved it. Blown away Rick, blown away. Thanks, Rich”

Saul Cornwell, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
(Silver Bullet Dynamic | Special – Dirty 50KΩ/Clean 4KΩ switchable)
“Hi Rick
I received my mic today and I’m very pleased with it. It blows the socks off my green bullet mic. It sounds exactly as described, it feels great and looks fantastic. Many thanks for a special mic which is certainly going to be a keeper.
Best wishes Saul

Nick blanch, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

(Silver Bullet Dynamic | Special – Dirty 50KΩ/Clean 4KΩ switchable)
“This is a terrific harp mic. A great achievement by Rick Park, wonderful design, great tone. The clean and dirty elements are fun to play around with and give you great flexibility and musical options. Very prompt dispatch and service too” (comment on National Harmonica League Facebook Group – Post)

Jonathan Lee-Stokes, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

(Silver Bullet Dynamic | Special – Dirty 50KΩ/Clean 4KΩ switchable)
Hi Rick, had the mic a good few days now and I’m very happy with the sounds available and the build is great and very different from conventional mics which I really like. Thanks again for the extras, all the best and a happy new year.
All the best
Jon boy

Mick O’Neill, Kent, United Kingdom
(Silver Bullet Dynamic | Special – Dirty 50KΩ/Clean 4KΩ switchable)
Rick. Had a bit of a jam, through my old fender tube amp no compression or reverb settings on this amp still sounded gritty and dirty just how I like my blues breaks, picks up all stages of bends well, very pleased with this mic.

Paul Wilcox, CA, US
(Silver Bullet Dynamic | 50KΩ High-Z Dirty – wood and Silver Bullet Dynamic | Special I 50KΩ Dirty)
Hi Rick. Got mics today. Absolutely fantastic. Best, hottest mics out a pile that I have or have had !!! 👍🕺💃🏻 Tanx…

Holger Hagen, Germany
(Silver Bullet Dynamic | Special – Dirty 50KΩ/Clean 4KΩ switchable)
Hello Rick, I must admit, I am not the harmonica Player in our duo. He is 76 years old, never learned to speak English and he hates to buy something on the Internet 😊 But anyway, I want to tell you about the shine in his eyes (and in mine as well) hearing the full sound of the dirty version of the mic. And when he has to do some background vocals, he easily switches to “clean“.

That is good enough for that and keeps him mobile with his wireless system. Last but not least, he is really pleased with the smooth feeling in his hands. He likes the design, the size (in his small hands) and the leather wrapping. So we are looking forward to our next gig on 6. December.

Kind regards
Holger Hagen

Julien Bardini, Tournan-en-Brie, France
(Silver Bullet Dynamic | 50KΩ High-Z Dirty – wood)
Hello Rick,

I come back to you again to show you the result with your very good microphone: here is my last creation:

This microphone is really easy to catch in the hand with the harmonica, and the sound is really good!

Thank you, best regards!
Julien Bardini

Nic Down, Devon UK
(Silver Bullet Dynamic | Special I 50KΩ Dirty – with ergonomic customization)

Hi Rick,
Mic has turned up and looks and sounds great. Thanks for including all the extra stuff I really appreciate it. Had a play into a really small pocket amp and its sounds fantastic. Now just the choice of a small harp amp or pedals into a powered speaker/PA………..decisions decisions.
Once I’ve given it a thorough workout Ill let you know how it goes
Cheers Nic

Steven Boker, OH, United States
(Silver Bullet Dynamic | High-Z Special I Dirty)
Recently bought one of your “dirty” mics. I use vintage mics from Astatic, Shure, and Turner. I also own a Bulletini and a Bottle of Blues.
I didn’t know what to expect from your mic so I was pleasantly surprised, to say the least.

Looks: Gorgeous
I have relatively small hands and the mic is a pleasure to hold.

Sound:? Wow is what first came to mind. It took one gig using it to fall in love with it! I’ve played it through a vintage Gibson Maestro GA-40, a Harp Train 10, and a Stage 5 Ronnie Shellist Signature amp and it sounds amazing with them all. Fat tone, crunchy, dirty, even clean by turning the volume down a bit.
I’m so glad I’ve added this mic to my collection! Thanks!

Katsuyuki Harpman Sakata, Yokohama, Japan
(Silver Bullet Dynamic | 50KΩ High-Z Dirty – wood
Katsuki’s gear – with Silver Bullet showing retro-fitted gain knob

Harpman’s harmonica gear (photo – Katsuyuki Harpman Sakata)

Ben Hewlett, South Gloustershire, UK
(Silver Bullet Dynamic | Medium-Z Clean (gain) – lime green and Special Edition 50KΩ
Bens name and terrific harmonica playing will likely be familiar to many of you! Ben compares the Silver Bullets which he likes very much and recommends.

Check out his video review comparing the Clean and Dirty Silver Bullets – which includes some cool playing showcasing the lovely tone of both these microphones when played by an expert!.

“Ben Hewlett is one of the UK’s most respected harmonica teachers and the UK’s most prolific author on harmonica tuition.
Ben is:

  • the Chairman of the NHL – National Harmonica League in the UK
  • Professional Harmonica Instructor since 1996 qualified as CTABRSM in 2002 (Certificate of Teaching – Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music)

  • Accredited Diatonic Harmonica Teacher 1993 – HTAB (Harmonica Teachers Accreditation Board, supported by Lee Oskar Harmonicas, the National Harmonica League of UK and the International Harmonica Organisation).
  • Ben’s teaching business ‘HarpsCool’ is proud to be ‘in partnership with HOHNER’)”

    Mike Smith, US
    Silver Bullet Dynamic | Special II – Dirty 50KΩ
    Received the mic today a thing of beauty in a harp players eyes I really like the size small hands. I haven’t had a chance to jam with it yet but i did plug it in plenty output and lots of possibles. Thanks again can’t wait to jam with it. Mike

    Trevor Llesley, Hampshire, UK
    Silver Bullet Dynamic | Special – Dirty 50KΩ/Clean 4KΩ switchable
    Hi Rick, received my mic. It’s bloody gorgeous to say the least. Just had a blast on it, flicked the switch [from clean to dirty] and wow, different gear. Love it. I hope you sell many because they sound great and look fab. Cheers Rick

    Clive Ellul, Barcelona Spain
    Silver Bullet Dynamic | Special – Dirty 50KΩ/Clean 4KΩ switchable
    Rick, played my first gig this weekend and as you say, it´s lovely piece of gear. Bit bigger than what I thought but even with my small hands it doesn’t get uncomfortable as it is light and grips well.

    I´m using it through a VOX AC4TV which I was intending to mod, changing capacitors and valves, but now I don’t think I will bother, because with this mic I get the crunch that I like and feedback doesn’t seem to be an issue. Via a cheap Chinese spring reverb pedal, the tone is great. Clean has also a great tone.

    Sometimes it´s worth paying a bit more. Great mic very happy and please keep me posted on the new gear you bring out.

    Cheers, Clive

    Cotton, FL, USA
    (Silver Bullet Dynamic | High-Z Special Dirty)
    Your microphone arrived today. Fast shipping from “across the pond” I was surprised. I like the size and weight. As you mention, it looks a little Steampunk, which I like. Sounds real good with my small easy to carry setup. High Z is what I need with only a 5 watt amp. It is nice that I do not need any adapters for my cordless setup.


    Silver Bullet Special with cordless rig
    Silver Bullet Special with cordless rig (“Stage 5″ five watt amp, Joyo digital delay, Xvibe U2 wireless system”)

    John Collings, Christchurch, New Zealand
    (Silver Bullet Dynamic | High-Z Dirty – purple)
    Hi Rick,
    Mic arrived today and I have given it a bit of a run. All I can say is AWESOME. watch out world.

    Huw Davies, London, UK
    (Silver Bullet Dynamic | High-Z Dirty – wood)
    Hi Rick,
    The microphone did indeed arrive today, and I’d like to say a huge thank you to you for building such a brilliant bit of kit. I want to thank you too for the advice you gave to help me choose it.

    I won’t be able to gig the microphone for a couple of weeks or so, so I can’t tell you yet. about how I find it in the live situation, but so far in my front room I’m really impressed with the sound possibilities. I’ve played it straight through the Quilter Micro Block at various ‘Tri Q’ settings (that’s a kind of EQ adjustment from clean to dirty), and it sounds really good, and at the clean end of things, and then through a Joyo American Sound pedal it sounds distorted and honky, maybe a tad to much for me, but I know I can get that tone if the band needs it, and through a reverb pedal it sounds very interesting, especially tweaking the mic’s gain control, which is a lovely addition.

    The mic is good to hold, has a nice heft, looks great etc etc, I’m sure all your customers rave about it and deservedly so!

    So – so far so good. I was almost certainly going to buy a different brand of mic because I’d only seen yours in passing on eBay and had no idea whether they’s be any good compared to say a Shaker or a Shure, and I can’t even remember what made me reconsider. But more harp players should know about your mics, basically!

    Anyway, I’ll stop there, send you my heartfelt thanks again, and if you want me to bore you with how it performs in my next gig (quiet pub) I will. Cheers,

    Further feedback from Huw:
    Hi Rick,
    As threatened, here is a quick report on my first gig with my dirty Hi-Z Silver Bullet. Our normally quiet Monday pub gig was enlivened by some raucous Bank Holiday drinkers, so, unusually, we needed a little bit of poke – the difference in sound between the Silver Bullet and my old mic was phenomenal. For the audience, it added a layer of sound to my (nothing special) playing that made it seem more professional and realistic. I know because someone came up to me as I was packing up to compliment me – I’m sure the mic was largely responsible for his perception of my playing! The mic was hot enough to get a ton of sound from my 30w speaker cab, and controlled enough to stay clear and true to what I’d set the amp to. The mic feels good in the hand, you can play cupped or uncupped and get good variation, the gain control delivers really well, my bandmates were very impressed with it, and I couldn’t be happier!
    Many thanks again,
    Huw Davies

    John Silk, Litchfield, UK
    (Silver Bullet Dynamic | High-Z Dirty – black cat)
    Nice meeting you, perhaps do business again.

    Donna Pinkard, Alberta, Canada
    (Silver Bullet Dynamic | Medium-Z Clean (gain) – hot pink)
    Hi Rick! I had a chance to try out today and the mic sounds perfect and also fits nicely in my hands.
    Thank you for following up to make sure it arrived. I can tell you care deeply about your business.

    Judith Tyler, Ontario, Canada
    (Silver Bullet Dynamic | Variable impedance – black cat)
    Hi there just wanted to let you know that I received my mic… It is so awesome , it took me a long time to decide which one to buy and now I know I bought the right one. Also the guy who bought the other one really satisfied. Please have yourself a happy holiday and you never know you’re probably hear from me again.

    Julian Roe, Bristol, UK
    (Silver Bullet Dynamic | Special Clean – antique brass)
    Awesome, thank you

    Sidney Gouveia, Sergipe, Brazil
    (Silver Bullet Dynamic | Medium-Z Clean (gain) – wood)
    Great equipment! Very light and great sound!

    Atin Malaviya, Cambridge, MA United States
    (Silver Bullet Dynamic | High-Z Dirty (gain) – wood)
    Thanks Rick – I received the Silver Bullet 40K mic today! It’s lovely, fits my hand so much better than some of the bigger mics and the rubberized outer part is gyreat!

    Silver Bullet | Special (bronze)
    Silver Bullet | Special (bronze)

    Goran Begonja, Manchester, UK
    (Silver Bullet | Clean Special Bronze)
    Hi Rick, Finally get some time to share my impressions. I am very happy with the microphone, it is nice, well made and it sounds nice. I like nice and clear sound when uncupped, which suits well type of music my current band is playing, but also, when cupped, it can give nice bluesy sound (as example attached, Honkin’ Tom’s Vintage 15g amp, a bit of delay on the pedal, and the golden melody in Bb).

    The microphone truly is a piece of artwork……

    Maybe my words do not have a power of the great harmonica player, but I am yet another satisfied customer.

    All the best Rick, keep up good work.

    Goran Begonja

    Stefan Winter, Trier, Germany
    (Silver Bullet Dynamic | Medium-Z Clean (gain) – wood)
    Das Mic ist super verarbeitet. Es ist sehr hohenlastig

    Andy Kwok-on Chiu, Hong Kong
    (Silver Bullet Dynamic | High-Z Dirty (gain) – wood)
    Thanks Rick for the wonderful mic. Fast shipping and good email. A good experience.

    Tim Douthit, MI, US
    (Silver Bullet Dynamic | High-Z Dirty (gain) – wood)
    Hi Rick. Got the mic – very nice – I really like it a lot…. Thanks, Tim

    Tims’ feedback after his first gig with the Silver Bullet: “Gig Report: Mic was awesome. The tone was excellent – playing through a VOX modelling amp, which the purists absolutely hate…. but it’s really only the sound that matters, and the sound was good. Anyway – excellent mic, great comfort and cuppability, the rubber cover made otherwise sweaty conditions really manageable. Kudos! Tim”

    Check out Tim’s independent review and sound sample of the Dynamic 40K-Z Silver Bullet comparing it to the classic Green Bullet – CLICK HERE – for the video review and of the 40K-Z Dynamic Silver Bullet.

    Tim Douthit, MI, US
    (Silver Bullet Dynamic | High-Z Clean (gain) – bamboo)
    Just got your 4Kohm bamboo mic in the mail – thanks so much! I’ve already given it a quick spin, and my immediate impression is that it’s “natural” tone is considerably cleaner than the 40Kohm mic, but that you CAN push it into dirty ranges by cranking gain on both amp and mic. So it appears to be a great choice for flexibility – it does well with both that acoustic folky sound and the dirty blues sound. I mostly live in the dirty range of things, so the 40Kohm mic will probably remain my main, but we do the occasional French bistro sort of thing now and again, and it’ll be great to have this mic on hand for those sets (where I’m basically trying to emulate an accordion). And, the leather case is AWESOME.

    Anyway, I’ll mess around with it more in the coming days and let you know if I have anything to add to my first impressions. Regards, Tim

    Jerry Jonsson, Limhamn, Sweden
    (Silver Bullet Dynamic | High-Z 40KΩ (gain) – wood)
    Hi Rick. Just a quick feedback. I got it, I tested it, I love it. Thanks! Jerry

    Frank Guzzo (FAIR STREET BAND), United States
    (Silver Bullet Dynamic | High-Z 40KΩ (gain) – purple haze)
    Thank you for your products. I just ordered and paid for another mic [switchable]. Check out the FAIR STREET BAND 4 min. promo. I am playing one of your Silverfish High-Z 40K purple haze Mic’s and I love it.
    Thank you Frank Guzzo

    Jakub Svoboda of the “The Weathermakers” – showcasing the low-400Ω dynamic Silver Bullet
    Check out a sound sample and video review by harmonica player Jakub Svoboda of the “The Weathermakers” – reviewing the superb Low-z 400Ω dynamic Silver Bullet

    Lesley Foster, Shropshire UK
    (Silver Bullet Dynamic | High-Z Dirty (gain) – purple haze)
    A bit late but never mind – just some feedback (no pun intended!) on the Silverfish. I am not very techie so I can’t comment in detail, but I really like it. It is so small and light and easy to hold and I like the sound I am getting from the amp. It will be great for our next gig, better than sharing a mic on a stand with singers etc. and not being able to control the sound or volume. All I need to do now is become a better player! I did follow Tomlin’s recommendation by the way. He had a YouTube demo of various mics and this one seemed the one for me. Lesley

    Harmonica Microphone - Purple Haze
    Harmonica Microphone – Purple Haze

    Andreas Glas, Oldenburg Germany
    (Silver Bullet Dynamic Clean| Medium-Z Mic – ivory with gain)
    Hi Rick, the microphone arrived here safely…. I can already say that it really produces a nice saturated big-volume sound when cupped tightly. And the design, which really is a treat to the eyes as well as the hands of the holder, makes cupping for me a lot easier than on the traditional bullet mic. Cool….
    Cheers and keep up the good work, Andreas

    Russ and Linda Stern, Nelson, New Zealand
    (Silver Bullet Dynamic Dirty| High-Z Mic – ivory with gain and Dynamic 40 | Low-Z ivory mini)
    Hi Rick – mics arrived today. Very pleased. Appreciate matching the ivory – looks great.
    Cheers Russ

    Harmonica Microphone | Silver Bullet - Ivory
    Harmonica Microphone | Silver Bullet – Ivory

    Richmond Chadwick, Smyrna, GA United States
    (Silver Bullet Ceramic | High-Z Ceramic Mic – wood with gain)
    Jamming with a Silver Bullet Ceramic | High-Z (wood/gain) – Georgia US
    Richmond Chadwick, Smyrna in Georgia US enjoying his new Silver Bullet Ceramic – High-Z
    Jamming with his mates using a 10W Vox tube amp – and lots of soul!

    Richmond Chadwick_US

    Paul Barley, Grimsby, UK
    (Silver Bullet Dynamic | Dirty Mic – black cat with gain)
    Great value and super fast service, product as described A+++++

    Grenville Fletcher, Leeds, UK
    (Silver Bullet Dynamic | Clean Mic – black cat with gain)
    Thank you, received well packed, quick delivery, pleased with purchase

    Paul Costes, Pyrenees, France
    (Silver Bullet Dynamic | Clean Mic – Jade with gain)
    Transaction sans problem, Vendeur serieux. Envoi rapide. A recommender. Merci

    Daniele Brignoli, Brescia, Italy
    (Silver Bullet Ceramic | Dirty Mic – poker chip)
    Unique item, great seller, fantastic communication!! A+++

    Harmonica Microphone - blues bullet (b)
    Harmonica Microphone – blues bullet (b)

    Colin, UK
    (Silver Bullet Dynamic | Clean wood with gain)
    Really loving the mic and customer service was way good. Thank you

    Nick – Batfink17_1
    (Silver Bullet Ceramic | Dirty black cat)
    Excellent mic really worked well in rehearsal today cheers Rick

    Jakub Svoboda from the Czech blues band “The Weathermakers” reviews the medium-Z dynamic silver bullet harmonica mic. Jakub uses Silverfish dynamic (Low and Medium-Z) and ceramic microphones as part of his rig and recons the silver bullets have taken his playing to “another level”! Check out his sound sample and video review of the new Medium-Z Dynamic harmonica microphone: video review

    Tomlin Leckie – YouTube “Harmonica Microphone Blowout” Check out this great independent review by Tomlin of the Silverfish Bullet Ceramic Microphone alongside his other top favourite harp mics

    Peter Thompson, Queensland, Australia
    (Silverfish Bullet Ceramic Mic – blues wood)
    Great mic…will get another soon!

    Jakub Svoboda, harmonica player in the Czech blues garage band “The Weathermakers”
    (Ceramic Silverfish Bullet Mic)
    Jakub uses a Silverfish microphone and recons the mic’s taken his playing to “another level”! Check out Jakub’s video review and sound sample of the silverfish harmonica bullet microphone

    Silverfish Ceramic Harmonica - Bullet Microphone Review
    Silverfish Ceramic Harmonica – Bullet Microphone Review

    Georgios Trakadas, Athens, Greece
    (Silverfish Bullet Ceramic Mic – blues wood)
    Really sweet tone and light weight microphone, thank you

    Silverfish Harmonica Mircophone - Wood
    Silverfish Harmonica Microphone – Wood

    George Manno, Illinois, United States
    (Dynamic Silverfish Mic – black cat)
    Richard, new microphone arrived the other day. Right out of the package I could see that this mic is a serious piece of equipment. The first thing I did was to gather a handful of harmonicas and head into my practice room. I began using my Fender Blues Junior. I was surprised how responsive the microphone is. It doesn’t take much to launch this rocket. I moved to my small 5 watt boutique amp. I got some amazing tones from my harp and the mic captured them all. Finally, I ran the mic through my stage amp; An Egnater 20-watt Rebel head with a matching cabinet filled with a 12” Weber. There is plenty of mojo in the little microphone. This mic is a keeper!! My first thought was, I should have ordered two.

    Richard, I have used 50 or 60 different “bullet” mics and I have a box full of old “57s”. Your microphone are every bit as good if not better. I can not wait to record with it.

    Jakub Svoboda, The Weathermakers, Czech Republic
    (Dynamic Silverfish Mic, Blues Wood)
    Hi Rick …. I am coming back to you with my feedback on your mic. I have to say, it is absolutely stellar. Not only is it super-light, which really saves my back after a long gig, but man does it play! I have used it at almost all our shows and it took my playing to another level. Compared with classic harmonica mics such as the Shure Bullet and Superlux, the level of player comfort is simpy incomparable. We have recently recorded a new EP with our band “The Weathermakers”, where I used the Silverfish exclusively: the studuio guy was genuinely impressed with what the mic is capable of.

    The Weathermakers_E

    The Weathermakers_F

    The Weathermakers
    The Weathermakers

    …. you can hear what the “‘fish” sounds like on our bandzone pages – The fisrt four songs are from the new EP, “Dnes!” [Today!] We are also going to make a video from the session: I will be happy to send it to you when it is finished – hoping to get a glimpse of your mic in there. … I am thinking about buying another one of your things – what would you recommend? All the best from Brno, CR. Jakub Svoboda

    Damon Green, Hampshire, United Kingdom
    (Ceramic Silverfish Mic, Blues Wood)
    Superb product, amazing service

    Harmonica Microphone -
    Harmonica Microphone – “midi” without volume control

    Manfred Kruse, London, United Kingdom
    (Ceramic Silverfish mic, Quicksilver)
    Professional service all round!

    Quicksilver Harmonica Mic
    Quicksilver Harmonica Mic

    Quicksilver Harmonica Mic
    Quicksilver Harmonica Mic

    Anna Howe, Swindon, United Kingdom
    (Dynamic Silverfish Mic, Cool Wood)
    Great thanks.. the greatest

    Daniele Brignoli, Travagliato, Italy
    (Dynamic Silverfish Mic, Cool Wood)
    Hey Rick – mic arrived today, I plugged into a slightly distorted amp just when arrived and .. WOW – well.. Sound is OUTSTANDING ..! but I’m really happy not only for this .. Also finishing is so nice.. It’s Very good looking. Thank you for your efforts and the love you put into these beautiful little things. Thanks!! This is an outstanding mic for nice price, truckin’. GREAT tones! Daniele

    C Ellis, Cutler Bay, Florida United States
    (Ceramic Silverfish Mic, Black Cat)
    Little miss-communication was quickly rectified – love the product

    Petr Wohlmuth, Rokycany, Czech Republic
    (Ceramic Silverfish mic, Quicksilver)
    Light body, great sound! Quickest delivery! Thanks!

    Quicksilver Harmonica Mic
    Quicksilver Harmonica Mic

    Jean-Luc Navette, Lyon, France
    (Dynamic Silverfish Mic, Black Cat)
    Thankx a lot i received it and tried it !!!!! it’s a blast !!! i love it. This black cat is evil!!!!!!! silverfish harmonicas makes some fantastic microphones!

    Harmonica Microphone (Mic III) Black Cat
    Harmonica Microphone (Mic III) Black Cat

    Scalone Alessanra. Bergosesia V.C. Italy
    (Ceramic Silverfish Mic, Lime Green)
    Veloce e serio, professionale , consigliato 100%!!! ottimo affare

    David Evans, Liverpool, UK
    (Dynamic Silverfish Mic/Blues Silverfish Bullet Mic – Las Vegas)
    Arrived am 26th April. As described, great item from reliable seller. David

    James Robbie, South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
    Rick, Got the mic couple of days ago, really happy with the way it fits in the hand. I used it at a jam through the pub PA system with a bunch of rowdy guitars and drums it carved really good and not even a hint of feedback. I was hoping to get on my banjo or cigar box guitars but the bandleader just made me play harmonica on set for over an hour. Anyway hopefully I can really get some nitty gritty through my amp today … it also fits neatly in my pelican case, I really like it so far. Some of the gig was being filmed I’ll let you know if it pops up somewhere on the net. Cheers JR

    Brian Hughes – Eccles, UK
    Hi Rick – Received the Mic this morning, first class service, top quality product. Have tried it through my Roland FX mobile cube which I use to practice – sounds superb on this … I play with a small band in drinking holes, lots of varied music. I play the harp solo on “Dirty Old Town” great with your Mic – normally on a G diatonic but tried this morning with a Tremolo harp. Sounds really crisp and clear – another good selling point for anyone playing this type of Harp.

    Tom Lauten
    I love the look and layout of your mic’s, very modern and logical but with a nice industrial feel as well, nice job.

    Great Mic and very helpful seller. Couldn’t ask for more

    Excellent piece of kit

    Item received in good order… well pleased!

    Very nice, light, small, outstanding!! Good communication!!

    Bart de Vos Netherlands
    Hi Rick,

    I’ve been impressed by the Silverfish Harp Mic III since it arrived a couple of weeks ago. Sounds great through my valve combo and is comfortable to hold and work with. I’m recently back to harmonica playing after a 20 year absence from the sport and found that my old harps were very much past their best so invested in some new ones.

    The combination of this harp and the mic gives a whole new perspective on what can be done with such a simple instrument!

    Thanks Chris Brady Bedfordshire UK
    Hello Rick

    The Silverfish Mic III works exceptionally well and I am pleased. My friend who is a guitarist thinks its just great . Thanks again for your service and keep in touch. Best wishes for the future.

    Brian – The Harmonica Man (Chromatic harmonica player) Manitouwadge Canada
    Fast delivery, well packaged, great comms & great mic!!

    Chris Brady UK
    Harmonica Player Kenny Boag of the “Blues Devils” uses a Silverfish Harp Mic as part of his rig and loves its size, terrific tonal range and versatility: “This beauty is easy to cup and easy to get a good seal on – one of the most important aspects of great amplified tone”

    For full review:

    Tomlin Leckie Strollers Music School
    Hello, Tomlin from here to give you a review of the Silverfish Harmonica Mic III.

    Tomlin Leckie
    Tomlin Leckie
    Tomlin Leckie
    Tomlin Leckie reviews the Silverfish Harp Mic III
    Tomlin Leckie
    Tomlin Leckie
    ” can get some very tasty creamy overdrive without the annoying mid-range honk you get from a lot of microphones. So, you can really cover all the bases..”

    What does it sound like when you plug it in? The answer is, good and very versatile”

    I am a full-time harmonica teacher and player based in Edinburgh, Scotland. I teach people all over the world through Skype and my online harmonica school. Personally, I play a lot of blues, Jazz, R&B and funk/soul which sees me playing in function bands, original bands as well as recording sessions.

    The Silverfish Harmonica Mic III microphone is specifically designed for blues harmonica players and features a ceramic element which can go from clean to creamy overdrive. The first thing that is a big plus for me is how nice and compact the microphone is. I personally don’t have the biggest hands in the world and I often struggle with the typical harmonica mic; The Green Bullet. As a result, I normally use a stick microphone such as a Shure SM57. The reason that it is so important to have a microphone that fits your hand size is that you want to create an airtight seal around the harmonica and microphone in order to get the biggest “tone” you can. Already, without plugging in I could tell that the Silverfish would make it easy to get a decent seal.

    Furthermore, it has a big advantage of the SM57 in that it is much lighter so you don’t get hand cramp after a long practice or performance. There are a couple of nice details which confirm that Rick knows what harmonica players want and need. For example, the volume knob is small and very firm which means you are not going to accidentally twist it in the middle of a particularly enthusiastic harmonica solo. Another nice detail is the rubber around the microphone element itself which serves two purposes. Firstly, it means that the harmonica isn’t going slip out of your hands when they get sweaty (a real issue!). Secondly, it also helps the airtight seal by making sure that no air can get out of the pop shield around the microphone element.

    Okay, enough about the nice design!

    What does it sound like when you plug it in?

    The answer is, good and very versatile. It is naturally a very clean microphone but when you cup it tightly and with a little help from the amplifier you can get some very tasty creamy overdrive without the annoying (in my opinion) mid-range honk you get from a lot of microphones. So, you can really cover all the bases which is great for me as I will quite often find myself playing some old Chicago blues then some jazz standards in the same set.

    Finally, it is so affordable that everyone should have one either as your only microphone harmonica or as a spare in your gig bag.”

    Andreas Rassow Germany
    Nice light, little Micro. Easy to handle. Sounds good. Vielen Dank!!! I am happy

    Robert Park Glasgow
    Excellent buy *****A+++++ star all the way thank you

    Dean Hinchcliffe, Western Australia

    Shane Chamberlain Melbourne, Australia

    Julia Sokolova Tulskaia, Russia
    Excellent Thank You

    Matt Gray Dunoon, Argyll Scotland UK
    Top Class, Many Thanks, Would Use Again, Grade A+++++

    Kenny Boag of the Blues Devils

    Kenny Boag - Blues Devils

    Click her for Silverfish Harp Mic_Sound Sample

    Hi, my name is Kenny Boag and I have been playing harp since I was 17 years of age that means I have been playing for …….. well a long time! For a large part I have played in electric bands covering a range of genres including blues, rockabilly, folk and even pop! However I have mainly played in blues bands and my first and abiding love is still big, fat Chicago blues! This has required me to immerse myself in the quest to find and develop that iconic Chicago amplified tone. It has been a long and expensive journey where my many mistakes and preconceptions have led me down blind alleys and involved hasty and ill-advised expenditure. In all of this I have learned a number of key lessons:

    Little Walter sounds like little Walter because he was Little Walter!

    About 80% of what makes his sound is down to his acoustic style, the way he mixes tongue blocking and lip pursing – his ability to move between single notes and chords and octaves, the size of his hands and the shape of his mouth. The remaining 20% is down to the microphone and amplifier or in his case the tube driven PA he used to play through. Unfortunately many will think the opposite, like I did, and neglect the fundamentals and think they can buy that sound with a combination of expensive mics and big amplifiers. WRONG! Get you acoustic playing and fundamental sound and style right and your gear will add the finishing touches not the other way round. Look at James Cotton – basic vocal mic straight into the PA and what a sound!

    Set a budget

    I have spent well over £2000 pounds in my quest for amplified sound. I have bought over 10 different mics, pre-amps, noise gates, feedback suppressors, effects pedals, vacuum tubes and amplifiers and lost a fortune on them all. Now some of that is linked with the above and some of that is simply that I fell for all the sales nonsense and hollow promises given. If you are going to buy, go and speak to other harp players. We have all made these mistakes to a greater or lesser extent and we are a collegiate bunch in the main that are happy to share our views and experiences. But like anything there is a Rolls Royce option and a mini metro option – you will need to be realistic and pick what is you and what you can afford but more importantly what it is you need. For example – if you are going to play in your living room then you do not need anything more than a small 5 watt amp and a half decent mic that cups easily. If you are going to play small pub type gigs then you have a variety of options ranging from a small 15 watt amp to a pre-amp that plugs into the PA – getting slightly bigger you may need a line out on your amp to the PA (depends if your guitarist thinks he is Eddie Van Halen).

    I play regularly – I play mostly in medium to large venues and I have a couple of original Astatic JT-30 mics and I play through a customised Fender Blues Deville 4X10 60 watt amp. That is far too much for a small pub gig and on the odd occasion I do play smaller venues I have a custom built preamp that I plug straight into the PA. So, its horses for courses and you should pick what suits and make the best of it.

    Decide what you want to sound like

    We all have harp heroes that we want to aspire to sound like. Mine are original guys like Little Walter, Sonny Boy, James Cotton and Paul Butterfield but I also love more modern players such as Rick Estrin, Andy Just, James Harman and Lester Butler. But if your boat is floated by Sonny Terry then you don’t need a big rig. Be careful and chose what suits.

    Silverfish Harp Mic

    So – following the above are essential. I have recently acquired one of Rick Park’s most excellent Silver Bullet Harmonica mics. When it arrived I was firstly struck by its shape and size. I am 6’5″ tall and I have big hands but even I struggle to cup a big bullet mic solidly for 2-3 hours of playing in a hot and sweaty venue. This beauty is easy to cup and easy to get a good seal on – one of THE most important aspects of great amplified tone. In addition it has probably the best placed and easiest to use volume pots that I have ever come across. That makes varying tone and volume very easy and as well as managing the harp layer’s nemesis, feedback, much more achievable. As far as tone – this baby barks really well at the bass end and covers the mids to high tones with little or no break up or squeal. Its range is terrific and its versatility a joy. I will be shortly be recording a Youtube video where I will demonstrate this in a bit more detail.

    In short I really like the Silverfish Harp Mic and it is now firmly a feature in my gigging back-line. I would have to be honest and say that it would not replace my vintage mics as first choice for playing with an electric Chicago Blues band. But you should bear in mind that at less than a third of the price the trade off in tone is well worth the price and on that basis I would recommend this mic for those of you that don’t have the where-with-all to shell out £300 on a vintage bullet mic but still want excellent performance and a great sound. I have started playing as part of an acoustic duo and the Silverfish Mic gives me great service in that format as it allows me to blend an acoustic and amplified sound to great effect. I have received numerous enquiries from fellow players and I suspect they may soon be beating a path to Rick’s door or visiting his website:

    I hope this helps and if you want to chat more then I can be contacted through the good offices of my mate and harp expert Rick Park of Silverfish Harmonicas!

    Kenny Boag of the Blues Devils

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