Jakub Svoboda reviews the Silver Bullet Harmonica Microphone

Czech blues band “The Weathermakers” record their new EP with a Silverfish Harmonica Mic

Jakub Svoboda, harmonica player in the Czech blues garage band “The Weathermakers” uses both Silverfish Dynamic and Cermaic microphones and recons the silver bullets have taken his playing to “another level”!

Check out Jakub’s video review and sound sample of the Ceramic silver bullet harmonica microphone

Jakub provided some terrific feedback on his review of a Silverfish Harmonica Blues Bullet Microphone.

His feedback on his use of a dynamic (low-Z) silver Bullet harp mic when recording his latest EP with the Weathermakers was:

“…it is absolutely stellar. Not only is it super-light, which really saves my back after a long gig, but man does it play! I have used it at almost all our shows and it took my playing to another level. Compared with classic harmonica mic’s such as the Shure Bullet and Superlux, the level of player comfort is simply incomparable. We have recently recorded a new EP with our band “The Weathermakers”, where I used the Silverfish exclusively: the studio guy was genuinely impressed with what the mic is capable of”
Jakub Svoboda, The Weathermakers blues band

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