Silverfish Electric Violins

Silverfish Electric Violin

I thought you might be interested to know that there is a small family of uniquely designed and hand crafted Silverfish Electric Instruments; although I’m no longer making these commercially. They include a series of individually designed and built electric violins and electric cellos. These are literally hand carved out of solid pieces of wood. I also do all the piezo electrics.

Silverfish Electric Violin

I think it must have been my fathers influence and teaching (he made beautiful classical acoustic violins) that inspired me to design a range of contemporary and uniquely different stringed instruments – particularly showing off the beauty of natural wood and organic designs. The darker instrument has a larger sister – an electric cello – of the same design; using the same solid hard wood and form with open f-holes. The wood is incredible in that it is treated only with light finishing oil and ages over time taking on the patina of a fresh concker with an amazing grain like “tigers eye”.

Silverfish Electric Violin

These instruments also play beautifully and have a very easy action and rich sound. I love playing the electric fiddle as there is so much potential to modify and shape the sound using effects and a basic graphics equaliser. They also sound great simply plugged into my Laney (LA30C) amp and produce a superb and rich sound which is a refreshing contrast to the classical acoustic sound of a violin.

I guess I wanted to give you some confidence that the custom silverfish harmonicas and microphones  are made by an experienced craftsman to precision standards. The silverfish harp gear also gives you an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of a natural wood finish; through either the gorgeous flecked grain of the bamboo comb of the custom harmonicas or the hardwood of the Silverfish Harp Mics.

Cheers: Rick