Silver Bullet Dynamic Special – Dirty/Clean switchable harmonica microphone

Even if you play mainly dirty blues or rock (for example) being able to clean up the sound at a touch of a button is very appealing and provides you with an arsenal of sound potential. There is no trade off in having two microphone elements in in one mic and this is a pretty unique piece of gear for amplified harmonica!

Play both the clean and dirty with a tight cup for maximum tone – helped by the ergonomic design feature of a gnarled ring for grip and a rubber O-ring and gaiter for optimal hand seal. The clean and dirty elements are both perfectly sensitive to low breath playing and the power of the dirty high-Z element takes you up a gear and blows your socks off. You can back-off from a tight cup to clean up the high-Z a bit or switch to the medium-Z for clean and pure sound that particularly suits chromatic, folk or Jazz harp. The small brass micro-switch enables silent and relatively seamless switching between elements during your performance. Check out this mic and benefit from a free leather case and leather wrap finish until 15th January.

For technical details or to purchase see: Silver Bullet Dynamic | Special – Dirty 50KΩ/Clean 4KΩ switchable

For sound samples of both the clean and dirty elements (all be reviewed or played as separate clean or dirty mics) see: The Reviews Sound Samples page of this website

Here is some terrific feed-back from players who use Silver Bullet Switchable Microphone as part of their amplified rig:

Richmond Chadwick, USA
“Hi Rick
Brother, I thought the last one [Silver Bullet Mic) was the best thing ever…. and you improved it. Blown away Rick, blown away. Thanks, Rich”

Trevor Llesley, Hampshire, UK
“Hi Rick, received my mic. It’s bloody gorgeous to say the least. Just had a blast on it, flicked the switch [from clean to dirty] and wow, different gear. Love it. I hope you sell many because they sound great and look fab. Cheers Rick”

Jonathan Lee-Stokes, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
“Hi Rick , had the mic a good few days now and I’m very happy with the sounds available and the build is great and very different from conventional mics which I really like. Thanks again for the extras, all the best and a happy new year.
All the best Jon Boy“

Mick O’Neill, Kent, United Kingdom
“Rick. Had a bit of a jam, through my old fender tube amp no compression or reverb settings on this amp still sounded gritty and dirty just how I like my blues breaks, picks up all stages of bends well, very pleased with this mic.

Holger Hagen, Germany
“Hello Rick, I must admit, I am not the harmonica Player in our duo. He is 76 years old, who never learned to speak English and he hates to buy something on the Internet But anyway, I want to tell you about the shine in his eyes (and in mine as well) hearing the full sound of the dirty version of the mic. And when he has to do some background vocals, he easily switches to “clean“.
That is good enough for that and keeps him mobile with his wireless system. Last but not least, he is really pleased with the smooth feeling in his hands. He likes the design, the size (in his small hands) and the leather wrapping. So we are looking forward to our next gig on 6. December. Kind regards Holger Hagen”

Clive Ellul, Barcelona Spain
“Rick, played my first gig this weekend and as you say, it´s lovely piece of gear. Bit bigger than what I thought but even with my small hands it doesn’t get uncomfortable as it is light and grips well.

I´m using it through a VOX AC4TV which I was intending to mod, changing capacitors and valves, but now I don’t think I will bother, because with this mic I get the crunch that I like and feedback doesn’t seem to be an issue. Via a cheap Chinese spring reverb pedal, the tone is great. Clean has also a great tone. Sometimes it´s worth paying a bit more. Great mic very happy and please keep me posted on the new gear you bring out. Cheers, Clive”

Joseph Markey, NY, United States (US)
Rick, I received the mic and really like it. It is very light and easy to hold. I’ve been playing it directly into an 8 watt Z amp (tube with 15 inch speaker). The sound is great. The difference between the high and low impedance is really cool and very noticeable….

I played the new mic at a three hour jam session in NYC Saturday night and received a compliment on the sound quality from one of the guitarists. This guy builds amps so has an appreciation for sound and electronics. You’ve got a great product!

Thanks Joe