Green Bullet vs Silver Bullet comparison

Silverfish-Harmonicas’ Silver Bullet is arguably as good or better than the classic Green Bullet for amplified blues harp!

Every harp player knows about the Green Bullet and many use this mic as their mainstay for amplified harmonica playing. Silverfish Harmonicas’ “Silver Bullet” is arguably as good or even better than this classic Blues Mic! Certainly, the Silver Bullet is a lot smaller, lighter and neater than the green Bullet so in that respect you will notice a much easier hold and seal – the latter essential for good tone. The Silver Bullet also enables a much wider tonal range (controlling sound and tonal fidelity via the variable gain) than the Green Bullet which is an all or nothing distorted sound.

The Green Bullet is a high impedance mic with high output and good response over a range of 100-87000 hz using a controlled reductance element 99A86. The best match to the Green Bullet in the Silver Bullet range is the two dynamic 4K-Z and 50K-Z. The 40K-Z is the hottest of the two with a fairly low head room for distortion. The range of the mic is a terrific 40-16,000 hz with no annoying mid-tonal honk with lovely creamy mid and low tones in particular. The 4K is slightly less powerful and sensitive but with a wider response of 20-20,000 hz and a slightly higher headroom to distortion. Both Silver Bullet Microphones enable you to dial in the sweet spot by using the gain to play clean sound or to dial up the gain and (with a touch of reverb) achieve great distorted sounds.

Check out this great independent review by Tim Douthit of MI, US – comparing the Silver Bullet and Green Bullets.

Silverfish Harmonicas

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