Kenny Boag and the Blues Devils – playing a Silverfish Harp Mic

Kenny Boag and the Blues Devils are doing a gig on the evening of the 12th October in the “Ferry” in Glasgow. This is a charity gig with a great line-up including three other well known bands – promising a brilliant evening of cool blues music and some great harmonica playing from Kenny – using his “silverfish harmonica mic”! Kenny has been playing harp for nearly 30 years and is a self proclaimed gear and tone junkie – owning several vintage microphones and a silverfish harm mic (II) as well as a much loved and specially customised Fender Blues Deville amp.

Kenny has been playing the harp for nearly 30 years and started playing with bands in his early twenties, initially with a folk band before moving into a relatively successful rockabilly/blues band “Bluesville Express”. Gigging mostly in and around the central belt of Scotland, Kenny enjoying a minor renaissance at the time and the band did pretty well.
Kenny then joined a more traditional blues band “Bogus Bob” and played throughout Scotland before moving to the “Blues Devils”. It was one of those perfect and fortuitous situations bringing together four outstanding musicians with a passion for the blues; who also become close personal friends.

The Blues Devils now enjoy success and notoriety playing at blues festivals and venues throughout the UK which has included several appearances at the Great British Blues, Burnley, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and Appleby Blues festivals. The band plays both cover versions of blues classics as well as their own material – featured on compilation CDs, most notably “Jocks Juke Joint Volume 3”. This album has won several awards and received rave reviews and air play across Europe, North America and here in the UK. Kenny has also written articles for blues magazines and websites on amplified harp tone and on building your own harp rig.
Why not drop in to the Ferry on Saturday night to hear Kenny perform some of his amazing blues! His performance is going to be recorded mind, and the plan is to post a link to some of his tracks performed on the night on soon after. So in case you can’t make it to the gig take a look on the website which will also give you a chance to hear the silverfish harp mic in action in the hands of a really cool harp player!

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