Cool – “hot pink” custom coloured mic!


Harmonica Microphone Pink Harp Mic III_A
Hot Pink Harmonica Mic III

Check out this Silverfish Harp Mic III which was ordered in hot pink – to go with her lipstick apparently (‘though I recon  she can’t ware lippy while playin’ – surely – think of the mess!)   The silverfish harp mic III now comes in a choice of colours that give you a chance to personalise your mic – for a bit of fun! The fascia’s are engineered from hard acrylic plastic and come in a range of rich colours including: Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Purple, Green, Lime Green, Hot Pink, Brown and  Burgundy. Alternatively choose a more classic looking mic with a fascia made from natural hardwood – sealed with mineral oil. 

When ordering simply select a colour option when you place your order  – and add more colour to your amplified sound!

Rick. ☻ ♩♭♬♪

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