Silver Bullet Dynamic Special II Dirty/Clean switchable harmonica microphone

The Silver Bullet Dynamic | Special II – Dirty 50KΩ/Clean 4KΩ switchable (with volume control) is a light weight, high performance mic that offer the ultimate in flexibility for amplified harmonica with two separate and contrasting dynamic elements within one mic.

Even if you play mainly dirty blues or rock (for example) being able to clean up the sound at a touch of a button is very appealing and provides you with an arsenal of sound potential and scope for a new range of amplified harmonica sound. The tone from both elements are warm, responds to cupping and pressure changes and the high-Z element breaks up nicely to produce some great dirty and fat blues sound. Both elements are rich with full harmonic content and great bass.

Artisan quality and custom-built this mic is definitely a keeper! – when you hold the mic it feels small, solid, industrial and rugged. The bullet mic is neatly finished with a leather wrap and lovely dark hardwood fascia. The mic’ is exceptionally light in your hand and is easy to hold with a harmonica while performing so you don’t get hand cramp after a long practice or performance. Weighing about 20% of the weight of a Green Bullet you wont notice you are holding it!

The Silverfish switchable mics are probably the only harmonica mic available that offers the choice of two separate dynamic elements within the same microphone allowing relatively seamless change between powerful dirty Lo-Fi or clean sound performance.

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