A larger knob for better volume control

Improved volume control and feel of the mic in your hand

I have made a slight change to the silverfish harp microphone design which improves the volume control and also the feel of the mic in your hand. The mic continues to use a top quality potentiometer (volume pot) with carefully matched impedance; but I have added a chunky alloy knurled volume knob. What this does is allow you to visually see the volume setting which sweeps over about 300 degrees – from about 7pm to 5am on a clock face if you know what I mean! It’s a log potentiometer which gives you perfect and gradual volume control and boost over the full range and effectively turns off the sound at the bottom end.

The chunky knob also looks pretty good and the feel in the hand is very comfortable and positive. The larger knob allows easy access to volume control while you are playing.

However the more diminutive and original volume control is proving the most popular – and is supplied as standard!



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