A Special Edition Silverfish Harp Microphone

Silverfish Harmonica Microphone - Special EditionThe nice thing about a custom harmonica microphone is that it can be personalised. This is a special edition that I did recently for a customer from down in the Mississippi, USA – home of some fantastic blues harmonica playing.

Made from an old piece of bone this mic is personalised into something special and looks and feels fantastic to play. There isn’t another one like it. 

Notice I’ve added a removable rubber sleeve covering the head and base of the mic – requested to increase grip during the heat of playing. OK so it’s made from pieces of bike inner tube but it does the job and he was very happy with it!

I’m putting a gaiter on all the harp mics now and If the player doesn’t fancy them (unlikely) they can simply be pulled off!

Check out a sound sample of Kenny Boag of the “Blues Devils” playing silverfish harp microphone on Youtube at: http://youtu.be/DIMayRurG0ct

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