Video review of the Silver Bullet Medium-Z Dynamic harmonica mic

Jakub Svoboda from the Czech blues band “The Weathermakers” reviews the medium-Z dynamic silver bullet harmonica mic. Jakub uses Silverfish dynamic (Low and Medium-Z) and ceramic microphones as part of his rig and recons the silver bullets have taken his playing to “another level”!

Check out his sound sample and video review of the new Medium-Z Dynamic harmonica microphone: video review

Medium-Z Dynamic harmonica microphone - Review
Dynamic Medium-Z Harmonica Microphone Review

The Silver Bullet | Dynamic Medium-Z mic is a powerful new harmonica microphone with a strong rich and full sound. Adapted from an acoustic dynamic element this is a flexible microphone with a really “hot” signal that is fat – packed with full harmonic content and great bass. The mic has perfect mid-sound without treble – with clear intonation. A high-fidelity sound that can be used as both a powerful performance harp microphone and a vocal mic – perfect for blues and country singers.

The dynamic element provides some headroom to enable you to drive the mic’ and produce a classic “blues” harmonica sound – with a little help from your amp. The dynamic element has proven reliability and this ruggedly constructed mic’ is perfect for practice or gigging – especially mixed (harp/vocal) performance.
Dynamic Medium-Z: Bullet-proof dynamic element, high power microphone with higher fidelity, medium impedance, rich-full sound characteristics (cupped and un-cupped), also suits rig with pedals and splitters; can also be used for vocal so ideal for mixed performance. Requires a medium or high impedance amplifier.

See the listings for more details and the full range of Dynamic Medium-Z mic’s which are available in mini, midi and standard (with gain control) version – in a range of styles.

Silver Bullet Dynamic Med-Z (no gain)
Silver Bullet Dynamic Medium-Z (midi/no gain)

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