Silverfish Harmonica Microphone II

Silverfish Harmonica Microphone II

The Silverfish Harmonica Mic II is a speciality precision built custom mic for blues harp players with a superb ceramic element that provides a classic “blues” sound with rich sound textures with plenty of potential for distortion. The ceramic elements use the same old technology as the original crystal microphones from the 50’s but with the benefit of durability. It’s a fairly clean sound with a reasonable amout of headroom, so there is plenty of potential for playing with the sound – which sounds great straight into a valve or solid state amp – especially with a passive input socket.  Its size and shape provides an equally durable design which is smaller than a Marine Band and fits neatly in your pocket. Most importantly it is a perfect size for getting a really good seal for amplified harp playing. 

The mic fits comfortably in your hand and is easy to hold with a harmonica while performing. The volume control is also perfectly placed underneath for access while playing providing excellent control of the powerful sound output and alowing you to boost your output or control feedback.

The mic connects easily to a guitar amplifier or other high impedance input with a standard cable with 1/4″ jack plugs (not provided).

The mic is extremely light weight and its shape and grip enables you to create and hold an airtight chamber with ease. The hardwood cover is custom designed and protects the back of the harp from mic damage. It also looks brilliant with a nice flame to the wood grain. (By the way if you fancy a custom harp then I have provided a matching wood set so that the harp and the mic have the same bamboo – characteristic with a superb golden coloured flame to the wood – just let me know if you are interested!)

This is a superb professional quality mic with excellent tone. The component specification is the same as the Silverfish Harmonica Mic which is acoustically the same mic – the only differene is the housing.

You may like to know that the Silverfish Harmonica Mic II now comes in black or all silver alloy – which looks amazing. If you want one of these just add a note to me at the time of purchase. 

Cheers Rick


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