Silverfish harp mics are Guaranteed!

Silverfish harp mics are Guaranteed!

Its worth rembering that if you buy one of my custom mics you are also getting a guarantee as

“all harmonica microphones are supplied with a 12 months warranty”

The Silverfish Harp Mics are incredibly robust and are precision built for reliable quality. They are very durable and should last a life-time. However in the event of a problem with any of the components all harmonica microphones are supplied with a 12 months warranty. This comprises a no quibble 12 months parts and labour warranty.

The guarantee excludes damage to the housing through dropping or miss-use and the guarantee is void if the microphone has been dismantled. The guarantee includes the cost of returning the microphone to you; however excludes covering your return postage costs. If you give me a shout I’ll give you details of the return address.

Just to let you know that customisated harmonicas are not covered by this guarantee. This is because the harmonica reeds and plates are made by one of the mainstream manufacturers (such as Hohner) and I have no control over the quality of their harps. Reed plates do vary! None the less ; although all reasonable concerns will be addressed relating to the customisation and comb – so no need for concerns. You’d be getting a quality harp that you will definitely be happy with – and eventually if the reed plate gives up the ghost, the customised work can be easily transfered to a new replacement harp or a new comb can be relatively easily exchanged.

Cheers Rick

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